True passion

My son was diagnosed with a breathing disorder called a Vocal Cord Dysfunction. As an elite athlete you can imagine what a hindrance this had become. We went to so many doctor’s and specialists with no luck or real feeling of success. As we learned more about the disorder, the mental component seemed so strong. The link between anxiety and triggering the episodes was apparent. My son has been in traditional therapy for years with no progress. They all said the same thing, “He’s met maximum benefit since he won’t open up.” I started looking for something different, something out of the box from all of the traditional doctors, specialists and therapists we had tried. Cindy started working with my son and through hypnotherapy and it was almost like a block was removed. He started engaging with his therapist and talking about things he never would have in the past. I started seeing him become more confident and insightful when it came to addressing his overall health. He even started using techniques Cindy would discuss with him such as visualization throughout his athletic seasons resulting in extremely outcomes. The compassion and care Cindy showed my son and us as a family was and continues to be above and beyond. Cindy has true passion for her methods and it will be apparent to anyone who seeks out her services.