I feel extremely confident

I have had the pleasure of knowing Cindy McAtee for many years. During this time of our acquaintance, I have known her to be intelligent, highly capable, and dedicated to making the right choice, always having a sensible reaction in every circumstance. I feel extremely confident in stating that she can handle any situation with maturity and extreme thoughtfulness.

Visiting with Cindy McAtee, there will always be a warm comfort in her speech while communicating. She remains highly professional at all times, the feeling of being truly heard and understood by her is constant. Cindy is extremely knowledgeable, answering my every question about the manner which she uses hypnosis in great detail, bringing ease and comfort. It assured me that her use of the technique wouldn’t be anything like “stage” hypnosis that I feared and most might assume. With her kindness and clarity, Cindy gently erased those fears and replaced them with peace. As she clearly explained the process, my worries dissipated. A session is painless and unique and there isn’t any trauma or anxiety. My struggles with worry were changed to freedom. The nervous feelings were removed and only peace and healing remained with Cindy’s patience and understanding.

I am truly thankful that a new therapy exists and is in the hands of such a caring and professional soul. When it is no longer just a career or a paycheck but a true passion, you will find Cindy McAtee-changing lives each session and with every smile.