She lifted the veil for me and helped me…

I have struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life. Over the last 20 years, I have visited traditional therapists with very little lasting results. Feeling a little desperate this winter, I stumbled onto some information about hypnotherapy online. I found a web site that listed Cindy McAtee as a certified hypnotherapist and contacted her to secure an appointment.

I was surprised to learn that I may only need one appointment to feel better. During my visit, she validated for me that my sadness and worry could be easily associated with some very specific negative experiences that occurred during my childhood. She assisted me to move down to a less conscious place and then in essence, spoke to my soul. She lifted the veil for me and helped me to really see that I didn’t have to use those experiences to frame new experiences. I continue to feel better.

When something triggers a negative feeling, I am able to hear her calming words in my head and I am able to bounce back to feel fine very quickly. I found hypnotherapy to be more of an active process than what I had originally imagined but it has worked for me and I recommend it to my friends and family.