I would highly recommend Cindy McAtee

My son, Alex, was having swelling and continual soreness in his right knee.  We had visited various doctors but they were unable to find the source or cause of the soreness.  Alex had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 4 years earlier.  Throughout this time, we had noticed that his body responds negatively to stress and sugar in several ways.  He will get rashes or welts that pop up and then disappear, he will get severe migraines, or he may get debilitating pain in his muscles, which can jump around to other muscles.  

We assumed that the issue with his knee was another one of his weird symptoms, but it wouldn’t go away.  Because Alex internalizes his emotions, I thought it might be helpful to focus on his “self talk.”  I believe that our thoughts affect our health and so I started looking into motivational audios for him to listen to.  Then I came across hypnosis.  I liked the idea of retraining the brain but I knew it would have to be with a person I trusted greatly.

About a week later, I was at dinner with my high school friends.  I became aware of the option to consider hypnosis. In my research, I found Cindy who told me that she had been working with hypnosis therapy and had seen amazing results.  She felt strongly that this was the best way for her to see long term results in her patients.  She has been working in mental health for over 20 years, so I knew that what she had seen must have been significant. I immediately knew that she was the one that I wanted to have work with Alex.  Cindy is kind, smart and careful.  I knew that she would love and take care of my child as if he were her own.

In her first visit with my son, she worked with Alex for four hours.  They talked, she used visualization techniques, and she made an audio recording that was specific to Alex so that he could continue to keep his thoughts on track after she left.  When they finished and I talked to him, he told me he felt lighter and that his knee pain was gone. 

I would highly recommend Cindy McAtee to work with anyone I knew who was suffering from a physical or emotional issue.  She understands that our bodies are not individual parts working separately, but that we are one whole being and when one part is compromised, the whole body shifts.  She works to bring the whole body back in line and is dedicated to seeing the process through.  This is important in a day when most practitioners stop thinking about you when you leave the office.  Cindy wants to know that you are healed.