About Me

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LCAC
Rapid Resolution Therapy Practitioner
Rapid Transformational Therapist


Years in Practice: 23 Years
School: Indiana University School of Social Work
Year Graduated: 1997
License No. and State: 34004156A Indiana


Hi everyone, I am Cindy McAtee, a woman trained as a mental health therapist who is also a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, and someone who aspires to be a person who encourages people through my words and actions.  I am passionate in my quest to provide counseling support that allows others to be inspired and freed up from the struggles which have blocked them from showing up in their lives in the truly authentic and comfortable way that they have been craving.

It seems that pain, regret, and loss are part of the human experience. It is universal yet we live in a society where we received mixed, conflicting messages about the “healthy” way to manage these. On one side of the aisle, there is that mindset about giving yourself time and space to adjust to the the new normal. To allow time to talk and reflect on the feelings you are having about the decision you have made to change something in your life or to deal with the grief about something that you never wanted flipping your life on it’s side. Then on the other side of the aisle, we live in a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps”, “you have to move on,” and “your habits are yours to change when you are ready,” mentality.

What about when you have tried to use the ways of thinking from both camps at different points and neither worked for you? What happens when you have remained awake at night wondering what you were doing wrong? What about when you have tried to sort it out with your family, friends, a counselor, or self help material? All of the advice and information hasn’t worked with you and you feel like the car stuck in the mud, spinning your wheels, and getting nowhere other than more muddy, low on gas, and no tow truck in sight! What about when you know that you have an unhealthy habit that you logically know is damaging your body and creating so much shame and guilt, yet it continues? How many times has a loved one begged you to stop, to get help, and to just get over it for them because they are worried sick about you? You hear them loud and clear and hate the idea that you are failing them. It seems that what you are doing too much of or not enough of makes no logical sense, yet the problem continues. Could it be true that you might not care enough, that you don’t want to move on, or that you don’t have any willpower?

Well, I say no, no, and no. I hope through my upcoming posts and potentially our working together that you can see that there is another solution designed to bring about desired transformation. Solutions designed to allow your brilliant light to shine through the darkness that has been brought upon by a traumatic experience, a painful habit, a fear, or that struggle which is preventing you from living life in a way where you are both inspiring and inspired.

Transformation and joy is available to all of us. I am trained in a different approach to help people who have tried it all and still feel stuck,at a loss, sad, angry, or embarrassed! The best gift we can give to ourselves is to never give up on the idea that we are each destined for greatness.